Course Outline

  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • How to Navigate the Course

    • Before You Begin

  2. 2
    • Getting Started with ODDER

    • ODDER Project Timeline, Pt. 1

    • Step 1: ODDER Kick-Off Implementation Call

    • To-Do: Prepare Your PDFs and Recipient Data For Upload To Sharefile

    • To-Do: Format Your Recipient Data

    • To-Do: Submit Your Custom Assets for Your Landing Page and Envelope

    • ODDER Project Timeline, Pt. 2

    • Step 2: How To Create Your Campaign

    • To-Do: Create Your Campaign

    • Step 3: Launch Your ODDER Deployment!

    • Step 4: Resend Your Unopened Reports

  3. 3
    • ODDER Best Practices: How Others Have Done It and You Can Too

    • Download the Best Practices Guide!

  4. 4
    • Finding Your ODDER Metrics

    • Understanding Your ODDER Metrics

    • Using Your ODDER Metrics

    • Quiz

  5. 5
    • Congrats!

    • Launching ODDER: Everything You Need to Know

    • Course Completion Survey


Customer Enablement Consultant

Katie Wiseman

I'm your coach, your cheerleader, your biggest fan, your expert in all things stewardship, fundraising, engagement, and recruitment. Why? Because I've done the jobs. I've been in the same boat when it's smooth sailing and when it's taking on water. So I've made it my mission to be your first mate as you build better and lasting relationships using ThankView. Whether you need training, customer examples, specialized courses, or just a listening ear, I've got your back.

Partner Operations

Ali Billedeaux

Endowment report season is hard and stressful, and my job is to make sure that ODDER is the least stressful part of it. I'm here for any questions you have, any trouble you run into, and any last minute disasters that arise. Need one extra pair of hands? I'm here.

What does ODDER look like?

Are you nervous about launching your ODDER deployment? Click the button below to see a live example from Auburn University, one of our first clients to send digital endowment reports with video!